WB Gamer Volunteer Sign-up Form
Welcome to WB Gamers! WB Games is committed to creating great games. That is why you are essential! When developing a game, your opinion can help us craft the best possible experience.

What does a WB Gamer do?
A WB Gamer provides his or her opinion on various questions related to the development of future WB Games titles. You will join a database of others interested in providing opinions on WB Games titles. Over time, we select names from the Gamers' database and schedule testing.

What kind of testing?
There are two forms of testing we typically conduct. You may be selected for either.

The first is testing of playable WB Games products. This is usually called "playtesting." The majority of our playtesting is conducted in our offices in the Kirkland, WA area of the United States. For that reason, if you live within driving distance of the Seattle area, your chances of being selected for playtesting are higher. However, we do occasionally conduct playtesting in other US states or other countries. We will simply keep your information on file until an appropriate playtest in your area is scheduled.

If you are selected for playtesting, you will have the opportunity to visit the WB Games offices for a period of a few hours to play our games and provide feedback on your experience.

The second form of testing is web based. If your name is selected, we will typically email you a link to a secure site to visit. On this site you will be shown video and/or screen shots, concept art, text, or other items on which you will be asked to provide your opinion.

Can I talk about my experiences with others or online?
No. If you participate in our testing process, you will be accessing highly confidential insider information. You will be required to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement. WB Games and our parent company, Warner Bros. Entertainment, take confidentiality very seriously.

Where is my information kept?
Everyone who submits their information via our Registration Form is kept in a secure, private database at WB Games. Participants in the WB Gamer program will not have their information shared with 3rd parties. Please refer to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for additional information.

Do I receive anything for my help?
If you are selected to playtest one of our products or to participate in online research you may receive a gift item of some kind. You would be notified of any possible gift at the time you actually participate in either playtesting or online research.

Can I sign up my kids?
If you are signing up for a child, you will be filling in YOUR information on page 1 of the questionnaire and will be provided an opportunity to put in your child's info on a later page.

If you have a child under the age of 18, you can also use this form to sign them up for playtesting. WB Games will contact the adult when a playtest opportunity comes up to see if their child is interested. Children will only playtest games appropriate for their age level. Children must be accompanied by adults when they playtest and both individuals will sign a non-disclosure agreement. If you are signing up for both yourself and a child, you will need to apply once for yourself and then separately for the child.

To sign-up and become a WB Gamer, please click the button below.